Welcome to our Crypto Card game

what´s this all about ? 

We designed a Card game with CryptoTrees.

What´s that ? 

A CrypTree is mostly seen on CT.

I´m a NoCoiner, is it possible for me to play ?

Yes it is.

How to play ? 

It´s a Top Trump game.

Shuffle the deck of cards.

Divide the cards evenly between all players.

The player looks at their top cards only.

One player starts and choose a category.

The player with the better card wins all of the top cards.

The winner chooses the category for the next round.

We have 4 categories,left top is "starting date", earlier is better.

Right top is Twitter follower, more is better.

Twitter follower snapshots were taken on the first of July 2021.

Left bottom is the estimated net worth,higher is better.

Two cards represent the state, they have unlimited money.(∞)

Right bottom is the birth year, a older CrypTree is better.

The first player that get all of the cards wins.

How do you know satoshi´s birth date ?

Please take a look here.